The objective is to create a solid basis for the implementation of short on-site course modules as a preparatory work for the other work packages. The focus of these short on-site course modules will be on practical topics (e.g. air tightness, appropriate handling of insulation component connections and installation of vapour barriers). Especially the “beyond the own craft thinking” should be learned and enhanced by these modules. The emphasis of this work package is the determination of the framework conditions for this new kind of trainings so that in the implementation phase specific on-site pilot training-modules can be organised (including organisational requirements, legal conditions etc.). Furthermore, the financing of new courses is a crucial point for the widespread dissemination of new trainings. Thus, new financing concepts for the new training courses will be developed within this work package. These concepts will consider different kinds of funding like public subsidies or private grants. The development of the financing concepts depends to a certain degree on the development of the new trainings and therefore will be carried out in accordance with the work package “course development”.

  • Onsite CrossCraft Training 3 - 4 hours
  • Basic CrossCraft Training 2 days
  • Quality Coach Training
  • Special Module Techniques for renovation of old buildings 1 day
  • Special Module Installation of renewable energy systems 1 day
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